Punjabi Virsa 2013 – Australia – Schedule

Punjabi Virsa 2013

Punjabi Virsa 2013

Manmohan Waris, Kamal Heer & Sangtar’s Punjabi Virsa 2013 tour schedule:

1. August 11th, Sunday Canberra, Australia

2. August 18th, Sunday, Brisbane, Australia

3. August 24th, Saturday, Sydney, Australia

4. August 25th, Sunday, Adelaide, Australia

5. September 1st, Sunday, Perth, Australia

6. September 8th, Sunday, Melbourne, Australia

Please note that this is a partial list. This page will be updated as we receive more information.

You may also contact SEEG at:

Nillo Duggal: (+61) 478.006.784

Jatinder Vicki:  (+61) 411.709.559

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Tickets for these concerts may also be available at Dry Tickets.

3 thoughts on “Punjabi Virsa 2013 – Australia – Schedule”

  1. hi,my name is puneet
    i live in melbourne and i just came across this website and i thought ill try to contact you,not sure who runs this website but ill say whatever i need to say

    so as you guys are going to come to australia for punjabi virsa 2013 i would like to ask that if i can help you with anything in any professional way or i can help you organising stuff of any king

    i know this is just a random email and you guys get heaps like this but its just that i would like to see how you people work from a normal persons eye and i hope to get a reply from you

    puneet i singh

  2. It is the happiest time of my life so far, when I am watching these} funny videos at this place, because after complete day working I was so tired and now feeling fine.

  3. Hi we are looking for 4 punjabi birds tickets in Melbourne …can you please inform me the rates and starting and finishing times of show
    Thank you

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